Broadcast Films and Independent Commissions

Broadcast Film
and Independent Commissions

As a founder member in the 1980’s of the feminist film collective Pictures of Women POW productions, Litza. co produced and directed programmes for the innovative Channel 4 Eleventh hour slot and for the BBC Arena arts. The films were created as a form of Political activism  asserting the personal as political and seeking to deconstruct and challenge the limitations, constraints and inequalities imposed by dominant ideology.  As well as collectively devising the programmes, she was responsible for art directing and producing the animation and graphics which formed an integral part of these projects. Through this work she went on to work as an independent animator, creating animations and motion graphics for a range of broadcast and film projects.

  • Sexuality Series- POW productions 6x 52minute documentaries for Channel 4 Broadcast 1984
  • Who Do You Love
  • Whose Pleasure
  • Who Does This Add Think You Are
  • Danger Men At Work
  • All in The Game
  • Caught In The Act
  • Words In Action – POW productions Co Director/Producer 52 minute Documentary Channel 4 Broadcast Broadcast 1987
  • Co – Ops at Work – Screened at Ritzy Cinema London 1988
  • Say Yes to a Voice– Smith Bundy Video (Titles and Motion Design) 1988
  • The Tip of the Iceberg – Co Director 52 minute Documentary Arena series BBC Broadcast 1989 Co Director
  • The Man Who Drove with Mandela– Feature Film Jezebel Films (Title sequence) 2000 Screened Edinburgh Film Festival
  • Animation for London Zoo permanent exhibit – Screened Blackburn Pavilion 2006 – 2009
  • Lost – personal project 2015
  • Blown –personal project – 2016
  • Parenting- Commissioned by City Lit Titles and animated graphics 2018
  • Tide – personal project – 2019 Screened at Hidden in Plain site exhibition Stephen Lawrence Gallery 2022